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Clean the ball of raw materials is very important
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Clean the ball and some rust, and clean the ball production process is not related to the relationship between the main raw material. That is to say, sell is a part, take the industrial use of disposable supplies for family use, and family will inevitably touch Sheung Shui, natural rust, the clean ball, Gao Xinsi and low zinc wire. If the high zinc wire is often used, but basically no rust, but if one day stop for three days, then immediately rusty. Gao Xinsi although often use will not soon rust, but because of the material, use time long easy dregs, also is broken, this time for the new, the old can put aside, keep clean the stove or floor is very dirty, Cawan immediately throw away.

Do not rust cleaning ball, mainly stainless steel cleaning ball, and can be divided into two kinds, one is to use the magnet can suck up, one is not magnetic. Magnetic more common, in fact, as long as it does not rust dregs do not affect the use, with or without magnetic have great difference on the cost, but for family use without any different.

Overall, the market is Gao Xinsi cleaning balls and stainless steel wire cleaning ball more common, Gao Xinsi is a hot dipped galvanized wire, the process is relatively high. Stainless steel wire is a kind of chromium stainless steel.

Less common copper clean ball, low zinc ball, copper ball, non-magnetic stainless steel cleaning ball, copper because it was too expensive, and toughness than wire poor, production is easy to waste, so the price is too high. Copper wire is wire plating a layer of copper that is the use of the cathode and the anode, so it is easy to rust, and price and nonmagnetic stainless steel cleaning ball almost, so it is not common. Low zinc wire although cheap, but rust is too easy, so it is not common. Non magnetic stainless steel, nickel chromium stainless steel and general medical equipment is it, the price is too high, so that there is no common this stainless steel cleaning ball

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