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Discussion on the development of environmental protection clean ball
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With rapid development of reform and opening to the outside world, people's standard of living and quality of life are greatly improved, people used household cleaning supplies varieties and styles are in constant updates, daily volume are rising. On a small clean ball its sales and usage has been ranked first in the world. It can be said that we are the world's largest maker of clean ball is also the largest clean ball consumer groups. Cleaning ball has become an indispensable part of our life cleaning supplies.

At present, there are only two kinds of cleaning balls, one is a metal wire ball, and one is a kind of textile cloth, such as cloth washing cloth, and so on.

Wire ball is the biggest feature of strong decontamination force scratching force is strong, with the cleaning agent can not be washed away, those with a shovel shovel is not clean, very stubborn dirt, with it you can quickly and completely remove all kinds of equipment,

Textile is its representative is cloth like dish cloth, which is made of 100% polyester double knit, soft surface, easy to wipe the surface sensitive, friction, the fiber is off. With good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. But the sticky area can not be cleared away.

According to the characteristics of the product than it? Each has its own advantages and defects, such as metal cleaning ball decontamination force, but also strong scratching force, easy to scratch the surface of high-grade appliances, will inevitably affect the device finish and the degree of beauty.

So what about textiles? Will not scratch the surface of the object, but it is difficult to quickly and thoroughly clean the residue of the bowl with dirt, but also easy to produce a lot of bacteria, not very sanitary.

But I recently discovered clean ball is with natural bamboo as raw material, after manufacture, is very similar to the shape of the appearance and loofah but was soft to the touch. Although it has not been put on the market, but its decontamination effect and cleaning work

Can be roughly the same clean ball and other similar uses feel soft and comfortable, and easy cleaning.

The biggest feature is hard to clean when it will not scratch all kinds of tableware surface gloss, not only can be used to clean the kitchen utensils, bathroom and other difficult to clean dirt. Can also be pulled off its volume on a stick, like a cotton swab like, especially suitable for cleaning some scrub nooks and corners.

Can also be pulled off its volume on a stick, like a cotton swab like, especially suitable for cleaning some scrub nooks and corners. And convenient health and environmental protection!

Currently in the domestic market should not be the emergence of the similar products, but in Europe, people have in common use in the, because foreign attaches great importance to environmental protection product development and research, so that our clean ball silk from metalloid to environmentally friendly products transition is the need for a process.

Only at present, people have not yet to understand and research and development of this product. If people really put it into use, then it can not only solve our current complex environmental protection problems, but also can greatly reduce the metal resources of our country.

It should be referred to as the third generation of environmentally friendly clean ball wire!

Cleaning ball with high quality polypropylene materials produced by special process, not easy to viscous oil, no detergent can easily cleaning, unique network structure more easy to remove all oil, and not to hurt the surface of objects, so that cleaning becomes more effective and nimble, convenient.

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