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Household cleaning, you choose the right way to do it
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For each housewives, how to clean the family insisted, is an essential technology. Every weekend, they will come up with a variety of disinfection housewife cleaning is a good helper, so that the bacteria have nowhere to hide. However, the sterilization conditions are being, how to clean it even more well-being? Other agents may wash laundry detergent that will give an impact well-being? Read on to find our way to PK it clean!

    Clean clothes

    Many housewives wash clothes in front of a sanitary napkin with blisters will first soak the clothing manufacturers, some families for a very good sterilization soaked clothes in water and add a few drops of disinfectant, some families choose to use hot water directly pasteurized, Which species approach is correct?

    And wan agent VS vinegar

    Clothing and wan agents to use less

    Many people like to use clothing and wan agent, make clothes because it becomes soft and can not afford to static electricity, and smells fresher. However, Canada's "natural life" magazine wrote that the rich variety of clothing and wan agent toxic chemical composition, long-term use would constitute dizziness, headache, organ damage, when more severe, but also can harm the central nervous system.

    On children, the elderly and patients, especially the long-term risk of touching these chemicals, and even constitute a permanent hazard. Children will be able to play a rash, long crying or diarrhea. Some seminars are even noted that some cases of sudden infant death syndrome is caused due to an allergic reaction, but with clothing and wash wan agent clothes and bedding children are able to be one of the reasons caused allergic.

    Thus, the "natural life" advocates, the best use less clothing and wan agent. Imagine let fake clothing and wan, anyway try clothes Pour 1/4 cup of white vinegar, and can soften clothes (but do not use with bleach).

    VS soap detergent

    Best Hand wash with soap

    Common household detergent is our usual clothes washing agent indispensable daily home life, tiny decontamination talent got a lot of pro-consumer gaze, but long-term skin touch alkaline detergent, briefly causing itchy skin expression, so the hand wash clothes, the best use soap instead of detergent.

    Studies have indicated, scrubbing agent used human liver harm, but also damage the skin stratum corneum, constitute rough skin; alkaline substances contained in addition to strong detergent absorb extra water, but also damage the human cell membrane, making arrangements for protein denaturation; many When people buy washing supplies in addition to thinking is not washed clean, but also mind is not a flavor. However, most fragrances are synthetic chemicals, some substances can cause allergic dermatitis.


    Who does the dishes, this is a lot of people doing everyday chores children, and we also each have their own move. However, it is difficult to clean the cutlery oil, stains, but a headache. So, let's how to rescue these dirty dishes it?

    Wash VS hot meal

    Distribution using the best of both

    Intestinal microbial species convey many diseases, do not pay attention when washing dishes, or attached bacteria occurs around the bowl, resulting in the use of the intestinal system infection. Liu, who lives in Yanji Road before washing dishes with hot water first favorite detergent soak overnight, easy and convenient to wash the next day, in fact, this simple but harmful bacteria multiply.

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