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What are the advantages and disadvantages of cleaning the ball?
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We already know that on the current market sales of cleaning ball is concerned, the general is a metal or textile class cleaning ball accounted for the main.

Most of the advantages and defects, such as metal cleaning ball decontamination force, but also strong scratching force, easy to scratch the surface of high-grade appliances, will inevitably affect the device finish and the degree of beauty.

So what about textiles? Soft and comfortable to not scratch the surface of the device, but it is difficult to quickly and thoroughly clean the residue of the bowl with dirt, but also easy to produce a lot of bacteria, not very sanitary.

But I recently discovered clean ball is with natural bamboo as raw material, the manufacture, the shape of the appearance and loofah is similar to, and feel soft and comfortable and easy to clean.

The biggest feature is hard to clean when it will not scratch all kinds of tableware surface gloss, not only can be used to clean the kitchen utensils, bathroom and other difficult to clean dirt. Can also be pulled off its volume on a stick, like a cotton swab like, especially suitable for cleaning some scrub nooks and corners. And convenient health and environmental protection!

But the product also has some advantages and disadvantages.

Drawback is: when the initial use of will produce tiny scraps of bamboo, after repeated use disappeared. Also some household cleaning ball too long. If so, the detergent will fire.

The utility model has the advantages of strong decontamination ability and good hand feeling, and the utility model can not scratch the surface of the object, and the utility model is suitable for the consumption group of various classes.

At present, whether international or domestic market should not have such products, but people have not yet to understand and know the product. If it is really used, then not only can solve our current environmental problems, but also can greatly reduce our metal resources.

It should be collectively referred to as the third generation of environmentally friendly cleaning ball!

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